How to Start a Small Business- The Complete Guide

How to Start a Small Business- The Complete Guide

If you are on the way of becoming an entrepreneur, you do not necessarily need any academic certification. However, you need the perfect blend of a number of things that are even harder to earn and execute.

We are talking about several aspects of starting a small business including- Planning, Documentation, R&D, Production, Marketing, and Support.

However, each of these terms may seem hectic and complicated for someone who have not been through the process yet. On that note, a handy guide can be more than a blessing for an entrepreneur.

In this article today, we have come up with that exact guide!

Take a cup of coffee, seat back for a few minutes and go through this entire guideline. We will explain all the complexities into bite-size chunks.

Hop on the wagon, and let’s start-

6 Phases of Starting A Small Business
We could write more than an entire book in this particular topic. However, we decided to keep this discussion within the limit. Therefore, we divided the whole discussion into 6 basic phases of business. These are the common aspects you have to go through, no matter whichever business type you have.

So, let’s get rolling-

Phase 1: Planning and Research
We are considering that you already have the exact business idea that you'd like to start with. Now it is time to do some research and balance it with some reality.